RISS Structure and Management

The Directors of RISS are Mr. Rob Anderson (Director), Ms Elizabeth Furler, Dr. George Morstyn chair RISS Expert Advisory Committee, Dr Stewart Hay is the Chief Executive Officer of RISS and Mr. Terry Slater (Chairman).

The Board is supported by an independent Expert Advisory Committee (REAC), which evaluates researcher access applications and makes funding recommendations. REAC Charter

An Industry Advisory Committee (IACR) advises on investment strategies in various fields and areas of research infrastructure. IACR Charter

The company is administered through the hosting services of the Australian Red Cross Blood Services via their Transplantation Services division.

Documentation of interest:

Mr. Rob Anderson

Company Secretary

Mr. Anderson is currently the MD of Orthogen which operates in the field of cell therapies and is principal of Anderson Business Consultants. Rob has many years experience consulting to Government and industry. He has extensive commercial and financial experience in a diverse range of industries and business structures including as Partner (Audit and Adivisory) Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu.

Ms. Elizabeth Furler

B.A (Social Work), Member of the Public Health Association of Australia
Elizabeth has extensive experience in the Health Sector and is currently Executive Director of TRACsa. Previous positions include Executive Director of the MACsa, GM of ANTA (Melbourne) CEO of RACGP, First Assistant Secretary for the Commonwealth Health Services and Public Health Divisions and Principal Adviser to Commonwealth Department of Human Services and Health. Earlier positions included senior roles with the government health sectors of SA, Tasmania and the Commonwealth.

Dr. George Morstyn

Chair RISS Expert Advisory Committee

Dr Morstyn is applying his experience in Translational Medicine in the academic commercial interface. He is on the Boards of Cancer Trials Australia (a consortium of cancer centres), The Royal Women’s Hospital, BIO 21, Proacta (based in Auckland and San Diego developing cancer therapy) and Neuprotect and is chairman of the scientific advisory Board of Symbio (Japan based developing drugs for cancer treatment). Dr Morstyn also advises The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute and The John Curtain School of Medicine on commercialization.

His interest in Translational Research dates back to 1979 when he commenced a PhD with Professor Don Metcalf. Dr Morstyn became head of the Clinical Program of the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research in Melbourne. He was principal investigator of the earliest studies of G CSF, GM CSF and Il 4.

Dr Morstyn joined Amgen in 1987 as an advisor, later became VP of Medical and Clinical Affairs, then Chief Medical Officer and in 1999 Senior Vice President of Development.

Mr. Terry Slater


Mr. Slater was the CEO of Australian’s Donate, the peer body of the organ and tissue transplant organisations in Australia. Terry was CEO of the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) for nine years and has subsequently consulted to many organisations in Health services and semi-government bodies.