The Ray & Bill Dobney Cell and Tissue Therapies (CTTWA) facility at Royal Perth Hospital (RPH) is a multidisciplinary manufacturing facility, servicing many clinical specialities and sites across the health sector.

CTTWA was developed following recognition by RPH of the advantages in integrating all current cellular and tissue manufacturing into a single facility, enabling the demands of new emerging cellular and tissue therapies and increased regulatory requirements to be met. CTTWA was constructed, qualified and commissioned in 2006, with clinical manufacturing commencing in December 2006 with TGA approval (Licence No. 44165). The facility consists of five clean rooms, four specified as ISO class 7 and one large room at ISO class 8, with rooms outfitted with biological safety cabinets and multiple incubators for cell expansion.

CTTWA currently manufactures human heart valves, skin, haemopoietic stem cells, serum eyedrops and other cells and tissue for the WA Health Service. CTTWA also manufactures biotherapeutic products for local, national and international clinical trials. The facility has extensive experience in the manufacture of culture expanded products.

CTTWA is actively involved in advancing research and development of potential new cell and tissue therapies, with a strong interest in mesenchymal stromal cells and the development of bio-scaffolds. CTTWA is available to support approved public and commercial therapeutic manufacturing.

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Contact details:
Dr. Marian Sturm
Production Manager
Cell & Tissue Therapies WA (CTTWA)
Royal Perth Hospital
Wellington Street Perth Western Australia
P:+61-8-9224 1987
F:+61-8-9224 1420