About the Australian Red Cross Blood Service - Transplantation Services Quality Management

The Australian Red Cross Blood Service Transplantation Services Quality Management Team (Blood Service -TS Quality) provides Quality support for Transplantation Services i.e. Solid Organ, Bone Marrow and Cellular Therapies.
The service is managed through the Blood Service National Office in Melbourne with personnel located in all major capital cities.

Image Courtesy of Centre for Blood Cell Therapies - Peter Mac

The Blood Service - TS Quality provides quality consulting services to external clients. These consulting services can be provided at a subsidised cost via RISS Ltd for approved applicants.


As one of the leaders in the industry, Blood Service - TS Quality has a broad skill-set and extensive experience working with human blood and blood components, tissue and cellular therapies and clinical trials.

We have provided advice, training and assistance to over 19 Australian and 5 International biological manufacturing organisations in achieving their objectives.  This has included:
  • Establishing and/or Improving Quality Management Systems
  • Training in Quality Systems and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
  • Auditing and/or Gap Analyses in order to identify System Improvements
  • Obtaining and managing TGA licences for various manufacturing organisations including the manufacture of Haemopoietic Progenitor Cells, Cord Blood and Autologous Chondrocytes.

Relevant Biologics experience

  • Blood Service
  • Cord Banking
  • Tissue Banking
  • Cellular Therapies
    • Haemopoietic Progenitor Cells
    • Chondrocytes
    • Dendritic Cells
    • Adoptive T-Cell Therapies
  • Clinical Trials
    • Phase I to III
Experience with Standards Organisations, Accreditation Bodies and Regulatory Authorities
  • TGA
    • Human Blood and Tissues
    • Medicinal Products
  • FDA
  • EMEA
  • ISO
  • NATA
  • FACT
  • ASHI
The focus of the Blood Service - TS Quality is to provide a service committed to both quality and success which is built on a foundation of trust and professionalism.

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